Lore: Kanek Suhnra

Lore Object: Kanek Suhnra's Holocron

A long time ago, there was a Jedi Master named Kanek Suhnra.

He was a remarkable man: a scholar, philosopher, and student of the Force. What he lacked in raw power, he made up for with discipline, and if he had a weakness, it was his insatiable curiosity. He was curious about alien races, about politics, about the sciences, and about the past. Most of all, however, he was curious about the future.

A Jedi can see things before they happen. But how long before they happen? Seconds? Hours? Days? The future is always in motion. Was it possible to help a Jedi to see farther, and with more clarity?

For years, he traveled the galaxy in search of wisdom, but eventually he reached the limit of his own abilities. Soon Kanek realized that through the Dark Side, he could give himself more knowledge, power, and skill. The Dark Side satiates hungers better left unfed.

He established a school – Runalen – where he taught, in secret, what he had learned about the Force and about the future. It was there that the lore masters believe he created his Holocron, though what that Holocron contains is a matter of great speculation. It was lost ages ago in the Sith Wars, and took its secrets into the silence of time.

Some speculate that it is not a holocron at all, but a weapon of immense power. Others say it’s a myth, better left to the tales of children.

Many have sought it. None have found it.

Until now.

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