Cast and Crew


Daniel Clavey (Sahn Jinkuru) is a native of Pittsburgh, PA, and caught the acting bug while in attendance at Mt. Lebanon High School. He pursued his passion at the college level, earning a B.A. in Theater from California University of Pennsylvania. To pursue his dream of working with Second City, the world’s premier comedy club/theatre and school of improvisation, Dan moved to Chicago, IL, where he currently resides.

Jennifer Moreau (Ariah Duen) is currently a Project Designer with American Eagle Outfitters. A graduate of Mt. Lebanon High School, Jenn went on to earn her B.S. in Interior Design from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Jenn says of her character, “Ariah is a woman who knows what she wants, and goes and gets it. When I put on the costume, it wasn’t hard to feel like it was my way or the highway. I understood where she was coming from. She was very fun to be.” Jenn currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA, with her husband Jay and their four beautiful children.


Rebecca Mundok (Dagan Accour)

Scott Sierzega (Oci Kent) received his B.F.A. in Theater from Point Park University in 2006. Of his experience with Hunt for the Holocron he writes, “I am very humbled to be surrounded by so many people who have sacrificed so much and worked so hard for their dreams. And very happy to contribute to them.” Scott is a Pittsburgh-based actor that loves his actual city and all of the imagined cites and worlds he also resides in.


Mark August Spitznagel (Bando Jinkuru) hails from Pittsburgh, PA, where he graduated with a BFA in Theatre from Point Park University. A recipient of the Rising Star Award from Jimmy Miller of Mosaic Media Group, Mark currently lives in New York City where he works as an actor. Starring roles include Michael Wiley in Susan Stroehman’s “Contact,” Shakespeare’s “As You Like it” (Orlando), “Midsummer Nights Dream” (Oberon), and “Macbeth” (Macduff). Screen roles include ABC’s “One Life to Live”, CBS’s “The Good Wife”, as well as “MIB 3.” In addition to acting, Mark leads a band called The Rusty Guns that showcases his prowess on the five-string banjo. The band currently performs all over NYC, and have released their first album with a promise of much more to come. For casting inquiries, contact Career Breakthroughs Unlimited at 917.533.7026.

Martin Spitznagel (Lord Dregr Jarrat) is the writer and director of Star Wars: Hunt for the Holocron. In addition to his passion for filmmaking and storytelling, Martin is a celebrated pianist and award-winning composer whose flying fingers and sparkling repertoire have left audiences across the country enthralled with America’s first popular music, Ragtime. Martin is the 2011 “World Champion of Old-Time Piano Playing,” and currently works as a graphic designer in Virginia where he lives with his wife, Jessica Spitznagel. For more information, visit Martin’s official website,, where he blogs about life as a ragtime pianist in the 21st century. 


Dave Turka (E’Din Kyle) is a videogame programmer by trade. He is the sole creative force behind Scribendus, a word-based puzzle game where players must form words from falling pairs of letters, which is currently available on XBOX Live. Dave’s primary interests are in AI and storytelling in games. He is currently working on his Masters in Computer Science at DigiPen with a concentration in AI. Dave received his BS in Computer Science from Temple University, as well as a BA in Film and Media Arts from the University of Pittsburgh. Visit Dave’s website to view samples of his work, or view his LinkedIn Profile for more information. 



Stephanie Battistone (Unit Production Manager)

Mathew Calland (Story Supervisor)

Luke Clavey (Art Director)

Daniel Harp (Modelmaker) is an artist whose work bridges the gap between “craft,” “hobby,” and “art”. From his studio just outside Houston, Texas, he creates playful pieces which draw their inspiration from the vocabulary of popular culture. He is well known in the action figure customizing community and has presented his work around the country. As the modelmaker for HFTH, Dan created pieces which were both detailed enough for the camera and durable enough for manual puppeting in front of a green screen. Dan’s tireless wit kept the effects team amused through many long hours of filming. His work can be seen at

Vicky Harp (Unit Manager) is a software developer, green thumb, and “general geek” who lives just outside Houston, Texas with her husband, Daniel Harp. Vicky is a valued member of the SQL Server community, and often shares her expertise via Twitter (@vickyharp) and presenting at technology conferences around the country. Smart, analytical, and always ready with a solution Vicky earned the nickname “Vickipedia,” and her invaluable organizational and management skills kept the model effects crew on track and in business.


Hermes Barreto Neto (Production Designer) is one of the most beloved members of the fan film community. Hermes has contributed to such films as Duality, and starred in Brains and Steel with Clay Kronke. Hermes’ contributions to HFTH began in 2002, when writer/director Martin Spitznagel reached out to him for feedback on an early draft of the screenplay. Hermes quickly became a one-stop shop, designing and manufacturing the costumes and props for the film. More information about Hermes available on his Facebook page.


Adam C. Rainis (Composer) is a diverse young composer of original music scores and themes for weddings, special occasions, websites, movie trailers, films, television, radio and other genres. He resides in Springfield, IL (USA) but can compose for clients all over the world. Adam is a member of BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.), the global leader in music licensing rights management in the entertainment industry. Recently, a piece of Adam’s music called “Epic Journey” was used in commercials and promos spots for two major sports franchises: the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). 


Jeffrey Smith (Director of Photography)

Margaret Yang (Assistant Director/Lead Visual Effects)

The Filmmakers also wish to thank:

Concept Artists

Simon Coles
Craig Ormiston

Miniatures Fabrication

Remco Zwart

Practical Effects Crew

Emily DePrang
Jessica Diggons
William Diggons III