Part of director Martin Spitznagel’s dream was that STAR WARS:HUNT FOR THE HOLOCRON would feature a completely original score. The question was: How in the world do you tackle the Herculean task of composing a full orchestral score in the tradition of John Williams without hiring an orchestra? Martin turned to his friend Adam Rainis, a composer living in Springfield, IL, to help.

Adam responded with four original themes for the characters – an “adventure” theme for the Jinkuru boys, a “bad guy” theme for Lord Dregr Jarrat, a “Jedi/Force” theme for E’Din Kyle, and a “battle” theme for the climactic fight scene – as well as over 15 minutes of underscore that matched the action onscreen. When Adam ran short on time due to the arrival of his first child, Martin completed the score. Between the two composers, over 20 minutes of original orchestral music were created for the film.

Listen to the score for HUNT FOR THE HOLOCRON below.